In an internal study presented to executive management, the Motorola Consumer Business Office reported that Motorola at the time had no master brand strategy for projecting consistent messages to consumers; was burdened with an outdated and inefficient identity system; and lacked a distinctive design program to appeal specifically to consumer audiences.


The inefficiency of Motorola graphic guidelines had become increasingly apparent as stand-alone addenda were regularly generated to stem the tide of company-wide non-compliance. A one-company look must be created by providing better direction and support for Motorola’s coordinated return to the consumer marketplace, while retaining the strengths and strategies of Motorola’s several independent businesses.


A comprehensive Motorola Integrated Communications Handbook guided users toward effective communication as well as providing inspiration to achieve overall excellence in the implementation of brand management principles. Ultimately, the program embraced the recommendation to subtly embolden the Motorola logo that today improves its functionality in application across a vast array of products and communications.