Welcome to Briefcase


Visitors to our website often ask how we got to Point B from Point A in our creative; that is, what were the circumstances that suggested, even demanded, a particular solution. How one gets to Point B varies with the design consultant. Some concentrate solely on the creative. Others begin creative only after a thorough analysis of a client’s business strategy and market dynamics.

We are of the latter ilk. Our philosophy is to first find the solution to a client’s particular situation and then to search for the best design in which to leverage the solution. This we believe is the more responsible approach, yet many consultants shy away from this because it’s often easier to first create a design and then to look for ways the design can address the client’s needs.

We’ve added Briefcase to our website—brief case studies that demonstrate how we do get from Point A to Point B. In perusing these pages that include both smaller, less complicated projects and some very large and complex ones, we believe you’ll see that Point B is, invariably, a fait accompli to our thorough understanding of our many clients’ unique and often challenging communications needs.